Coffee in the Garden

— 2 minute read

I designed and wrote my first crochet pattern. It's a simple sentence, but it's difficult to explain how I actually have excitement bursting inside when I type those letters. It's a small accomplishment for many, but I do love the idea of creating something new - especially something that other people can derive joy from and hopefully not too much pain (when attempting to interpret the directions!). It's a coffee cozy with a rose and grass pattern on it:

crochet coffee cozy around a paper coffee cup

You can download it from Ravelry or Etsy.

If you're not on Ravelry and you knit or crochet, then what's taking you so long? :) I would love feedback on my design and pattern writing so that future patterns can be even better.

I'm starting to teach crochet classes at the local cutesy yarn shop, The Shabby Sheep. The owner was nice enough to suggest that I teach my first pattern - oh boy! We are turning it into a great gift idea paired with a Starbucks gift card and wrapped up in cellophane for teachers/coaches/etc. I have to simplify the design a bit to make it quicker and easier, so that is in progress. I think I will post the simplified version on Ravelry as well. If you're too excited about this option, do let me know and I will hurry it up a bit.

Side note... each time I pull out my cozy at SB I get little happy vibes and a smile starts to appear at the sight of those cute little roses. Makes me want to savor my coffee longer. I have my own little transportable garden I carry around in my purse. Cheesy, I know, but we need these little spirit-lifters at some point in our day!