An excuse to buy yarn

— 3 minute read

I love this time of year. As soon as I realize it's time to go Christmas shopping, a little light goes off in my head and I remember that indeed I do not need to actually "shop", I can buy yarn in the name of making Christmas presents for "other people". Ah, the frenzy of making a million little projects and getting to choose what to keep and what to give away (what? you thought I would actually use all that yarn for other people? well, more on that later)... it's almost as good as the reason for the season.

Yay, the creative juices get flowing, the fondling of all my favorite yarns I've been eyeing all year begins, the happiness that sprouts when I finally get to "hook" up all of my favorite patterns I've been eyeing all year - it's enough to send one into nirvana. But as the frenziness dies down, my thoughts refocus again on the ultimate purpose of good kharma (see my fugly post). [Wait, it's not blasphemy to label the celebration of the birth of Jesus as "good kharma" stuff, is it?] Back to the topic at hand... I believe it is possible to both fulfill yarn/crochet happiness and celebrate a non-commercial Christmas. You see, while crafting brings us joy, we are still actually working (it's still work even if it's joyful) on gifts for the special people in our lives. Each stitch is a purposeful movement toward showing those special ones how much we are thankful they are in our lives and toward celebrating the birth of Jesus. I think that sentence can be rephrased to still be relevant for your own spirituality whether that's changing the holiday and deity, or simply stating that we shouldn't need a reason to show people that they are special and that we are joyful.

So, this season I am happy and thankful for all the beautiful yarns, um and people, in my life. Both give me joy so by transforming one and giving it to the other, I exponentially increase joy on all sides, right? Returning to my previous aside about the chance that not all that yarn goes to other people - well, I try to give myself a few stitches of joy too. So my fellow crafters, go forth and be merry as you embark on your holiday frenziness and don't forget what you're thankful for. And, don't forget to donate to the less fortunate too.