The Fifth and Sixth Hats of Christmas

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(see my intro post on my Twelve Hats of Christmas)

For the Fifth Hat of Christmas I truly crocheted for me... more than 5 colorful rings... #

I finally found a good use for my Noro Silk Garden - it's been sitting in my stash for over 3 years!

Striped crochet fedora

Ravelry project notes: I modified the beginning chain to only 78 stitches. I also modified the last few rows (top of hat) to make it more oblong rather than circular (crocheted together in front and back area more than sides).

For the Sixth Hat of Christmas I truly crocheted for me... one hat a laying... #

I say "a laying" because this hat is a bit floppy so it takes some work to get the bill to sit properly. I tried felting a bit, but got tired before it did much.

Tan crocheted cap with small stitches

Ravelry project notes: This is a really cute pattern. The smaller stitches made it take a bit longer, but it’s an easy pattern - basically just a bunch of double crochet and some single crochet.

This yarn is theoretically DK, but actually probably a bit thinner. It lays and drapes well, which I’m not sure is good for a hat pattern, but I like how it’s low-profile.

I added one more row of double crochet, but I don’t think it was necessary in hindsight.

I needed to block this a lot as it curls - I think more for the yarn and looser stitch. I need to re-block the brim a bit.

FYI, yarn amounts are only approximate. My battery died on my scale. I used 2 strands for the flower.

My Hat Queue Status #

** subject to change based on my whim

  1. Women's Peaked Cap - done!
  2. Felted Fedora from The Color Book of Felted Crochet - done!
  3. Crochet Owl Hat for a toddler... or maybe an adult like me because it's so cute - adult done!
  4. Puppy Hat for 6-9 month old - done!
  5. Cap with flower (pdf) - done!
  6. Slanting Stitches hat (photo is bad, but it looks cute when you roll up the brim) (link no longer exists) - done!
  7. Audrey's Lace Cap (link no longer exists)
  8. Lacey Newsboy Cap (I have no idea the real name - this is a Japanese pattern from this book)
  9. Puff Stitch Newsboy (ditto on the name - from this other Japanese crochet book)
  10. Relax Ramie Hat (pdf)
  11. Tsubaki Cotton Hat (pdf)
  12. Girly-style hat (pdf)


Please post links to any crocheted hats you think I should make in the comments!