The First and Second Hats of Christmas

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For the First Hat of Christmas I truly crocheted for me... a quick and easy project under an oak tree... #

The results are in, and I'm 1 for 2. The peaked hat came out cute, and it was quick and easy:

Side view of purple crocheted hat Front/top view of purple crocheted hat

Ravelry Project notes: Cute and quick hat. I had no problem with sizing. My natural tension fit the size of my head. I did have to redo the brim though. I assumed I would need to tighten up a bit, but that was clearly the wrong assumption as it made the brim curl and stick to my forehead rather than stick out like a real brim. Instead, I loosened up a bit more than natural and it came out fine. Love it!

For the Second Hat of Christmas I truly crocheted for me... a felted fedora that I really do not love... #

Yeah, so this originally came out more like a top hat until I manipulated it into a salvageable cowboy hat. I was a little freaked out before the felting, but it shrank up fine after about an hour of agitation... talk about a workout! I don't like the hat so much, but it was fun exploring felting, and I'm sure this won't be my last felting project.

Front view of crochet felted fedora Side/top view of crochet felted fedora Huge before felting shot of crochet felted fedora

Ravelry Project Notes: So, this was supposed to be a felted fedora. It originally came out more like a top hat, but I was able to manipulate the crown a bit to make it shorter and look more like a cowboy hat. It’s all different colors because I kept running out of yarn. So, it wasn’t the greatest project, but I do like how felting comes out so I might try felting out a bit more. The higher difficulty is only because of the work involved in agitating for a hard felt.

My Hat Queue Status #

** subject to change based on my whim

  1. Women's Peaked Cap - done!
  2. Felted Fedora from The Color Book of Felted Crochet - done!
  3. Crochet Owl Hat for a toddler... or maybe an adult like me because it's so cute
  4. Cap with flower (pdf)
  5. Audrey's Lace Cap (link no longer exists)
  6. Lacey Newsboy Cap (I have no idea the real name - this is a Japanese pattern from this book)
  7. Puff Stitch Newsboy (ditto on the name - from this other Japanese crochet book)
  8. Slanting Stitches hat (photo is bad, but it looks cute when you roll up the brim) (link no longer exists)
  9. Relax Ramie Hat (pdf)
  10. Tsubaki Cotton Hat (pdf)
  11. Girly-style hat (pdf)
  12. TBD


Please post links to any crocheted hats you think I should make in the comments!