The Third and Fourth Hats of Christmas

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For the Third Hat of Christmas I truly crocheted for me... a hat for the play pen... #

This was actually my second hat from this designer - I learned that I needed to tighten my gauge a bit when I accidentally made an owl hat that fit myself instead of my friend's toddler. As they say, we learn from our mistakes. Here is the Puppy Hat with some bonus photos of the Puppy Hat on a Puppy.

A terrier wearing a crocheted hat Front view of puppy crocheted hat Front view view of puppy crocheted hat on a terrier

Ravelry Project Notes: I had to go down one hook size to get approximate gauge. I also consciously tightened up a bit. I made an extra round on the nose, and also stuffed it with yarn scraps before sewing it on. Cute hat.

For the Fourth Hat of Christmas I truly crocheted for me... one big bird... #

Alas, the aforementioned giant owl hat theoretically for a toddler. I may have found my new Mardi Gras hat. :) Oopsie...

Front/top view of a very large owl crocheted hat Front view of a very large owl crocheted hat

Ravelry Project Notes: So, my gauge was off, but I was too lazy to pay attention until it was too late. Poor me. Stuck with a really cute owl hat that was supposed to be for a child that now happens to fit me. :)

I fixed my gauge in the same designer’s puppy pattern by going down to a G hook and purposely crocheting with a bit more tension. I love her designs.

My Hat Queue Status #

** subject to change based on my whim

  1. Women's Peaked Cap - done!
  2. Felted Fedora from The Color Book of Felted Crochet - done!
  3. Crochet Owl Hat for a toddler... or maybe an adult like me because it's so cute - adult done!
  4. Puppy Hat for 6-9 month old - done!
  5. Cap with flower (pdf)
  6. Audrey's Lace Cap (link no longer exists)
  7. Lacey Newsboy Cap (I have no idea the real name - this is a Japanese pattern from this book)
  8. Puff Stitch Newsboy (ditto on the name - from this other Japanese crochet book)
  9. Slanting Stitches hat (photo is bad, but it looks cute when you roll up the brim) (link no longer exists)
  10. Relax Ramie Hat (pdf)
  11. Tsubaki Cotton Hat (pdf)
  12. Girly-style hat (pdf)


Please post links to any crocheted hats you think I should make in the comments!